Wedding Venue Planning Check List

Plan and manage your wedding timeline and tick off all your wedding tasks with this easy to do Venue list

12-18 months

  • Set your budget choose and book your venue
  • Set your date
  • Sign venue contract and pay deposit
  • Decide on a church or civil ceremony
  • Book your church or registrar
  • Take out wedding insurance
  • Ask the venue lots of questions!

TIP: If you are lucky to book 12 months in advance visit the venue as near to the date as possible 12 months before so that you can get more of an idea of the surrounding landscape and lighting. This will help on styling your wedding, theme and colours!!

Bride & groom just married with confetti

9 – 12 months

Wedding party in front of gazebo
  • Decide on a price to charge your guests to stay in your accommodation.
  • Decide on your guest list for your accommodation.
  • Choose your cottage for your wedding night accommodation.
  • Venue will provide your accommodation checklist to help
  • Give all your chosen suppliers the venue contact number so they can ask the venue questions. The venue will help with the organisation and smooth running of your event
  • Look at all the hire items the venue has to offer (any hire items chosen will be added to your final balance)
  • Plan your guest accommodation payments in time for your final 2 instalments to the venue
  • Pay venue next instalment 

TIP: Planning your guests can be incredibly challenging, so the venue accommodation form is a complete rundown of all the bedrooms, how the beds can be made and bathrooms to help ease the pressure.

7 Months

  • Plan a date and time for your wedding meeting either online or at the venue
  • Think about your wedding room plans turnarounds and layouts with furniture before your meeting
  • Venue will dedicate a chosen wedding coordinator to be by your side from now until the 1st dance

TIP: Prepare your notes along with all your contact details for your chosen suppliers and take along to your meeting so your dedicated wedding coordinator can help organise. Do not worry if you are not prepared with all the information this is what the meeting is for, to help guide you and put a plan in place.

Star wars themed wedding

6 Months

Chairs decorated for wedding in BR
  • Pay venue next instalment
  • Wedding meeting takes place followed by all your notes on a checklist for you to tick
  • Bring along all your chosen supplier contact details to your meeting if you can
  • Guest accommodation breakfast items required or hire a chef to cook a fresh hot breakfast
  • Choose your wedding room layouts 
  • Decide if you would like any equipment to hire from the venue

TIP: Your wedding coordinator will go through your plans for the whole weekend, produce a document that everyone can use as a checklist and call all your chosen suppliers so that your wedding will run like clockwork.

4 Months

  • Dedicated wedding coordinator will contact chosen suppliers to confirm all timings, collect paperwork and answer any questions they might have. 
  • Wedding meeting notes will be updated and sent over to you.

TIP: By the venue contacting all your chosen suppliers whether they are your friends or people you have never met; we will ensure the smooth-running order for your suppliers and know what is happening on the day so that you can relax!

Bride & groom in the swimming pool

3 Months

  • Send dedicated wedding coordinator any updates for your wedding meeting checklist
  • Pay venue final balance along with any extras chosen

2 Months

Bride & Groom

  • Update accommodation check list

1 Month

  • Send accommodation form to dedicated wedding coordinator


Final Week

Entrance to Knockerdown Cottages
  • Dedicated wedding coordinator will be in touch to calm the nerves and to find out any last-minute changes, any extras required, final accommodation check and arrival time on site
  • Venue to contact suppliers to confirm any changes if required
  • Any deliveries before arrival day​​
  • Confirm numbers with venue and caterers

For more information about planning your special Derbyshire wedding day. Please contact Fiona and Justeen. 

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