Swimming Pool at Knockerdown Cottages

Swimming and Sauna Information


The swimming pool is open from 8.30am to 6.30pm unless informed otherwise. The games room is open up until midnight, when the lights automatically turn off. These facilities are not supervised, and we urge you to use them with the utmost care to ensure your stay with us is an accident free one. We will not accept responsibility for any accident or injury sustained whilst using these facilities, or any loss, damage or theft of personal property. 

Please complete your name and cottage details in the entry register every time you use the pool. Children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult at all times, in both the swimming pool, and the games room.

 The sauna temperature is pre-set and cannot be altered. It is a dry sauna and water must not be put on the stones. Please read the notice on the sauna before using. The switch to the sauna is located on the back wall to the right-hand side of the sauna. The heater is extremely hot and should not be touched under any circumstances. Misuse will cause the sauna to trip out. When leaving the sauna, please shower before entering the pool. The orange button inside the sauna is the emergency alarm, not the start button! Please use in an emergency only.

 Ladies and Gentlemen’s changing rooms are situated opposite the pool entrance. Both have toilets and showers. You will find lockers in the changing areas to store your belongings, a refundable ten pence is required. Please do not leave any valuables in the changing rooms.

 No external footwear is allowed in the pool area. Please do not take food, drink or glassware into the pool area or changing rooms. For the comfort of all users, we ask that when the pool is busy, large inflatables are not used.


Swimming Pool & Sauna Safety Information

To ensure the safety of all pool users at Knockerdown Cottages, please adhere to the following simple rules: 

  • An adult must accompany all children under the age of 16.
  • An able swimmer must accompany non-swimmers and incompetent swimmers.
  • Do not run around the swimming pool
  • Diving is strictly not allowed
  • Food, drink, and glassware is forbidden in the pool area
  • External footwear should be removed before entering the pool area
  • Do not attempt to take a swim after consuming alcohol or after a heavy meal
  • Consider fellow users if you have inflatables in the water, please refrain from using these if the pool is busy. No balls allowed in the swimming pool area.
  • Establish which the deep end of the pool is before first entering

Emergency Alarms

There are several alarms located by the pool, and one in the sauna. Pressing one of these will sound a loud external alarm. If you hear the alarm, please check the pool first to establish if anyone is in distress and requires assistance. If necessary, call the emergency services.

We do hope you enjoy our leisure facilities, adhesion to the above rules will ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.