Cottages Information

Important General Cottages Information


Your controls to the heating are located  in your cottage. Your heating is set to come on in the afternoon and in the morning unless switched off. To override this just press the advance button for the heating and water.


Hot Water

There is an immersion switch in the airing cupboard, but please only use this if not using the boiler system, please DO NOT use both together.



The fuses may trip out if a light bulb blows. Your fuse box is located in the LAUNDRY ROOM, which means you need to go outside the property turn right and around the corner, and you will see a door marked LAUNDRY ROOM, once inside the fuse box is located on the left hand side on the wall simply reset the relevant switch to restore power. In the event of a power cut, tea lights, matches and a torch are provided in one of the kitchen drawers.


Sewerage Treatment Plant

There is no mains sewerage at Knockerdown, therefore everything that goes down the drains, whether from the sink, toilet, or bath goes to our sewerage treatment plant. Please use the disposal bags provided in the bathrooms where appropriate.



Please bag all of your waste on departure and place it in one of the green-wheeled bins located in the car park. Please consider our environment by using the recycling bins adjacent to these.


Location of fire extinguisher and fire blanket:

In the kitchen near the cooker


Location of torch:

The emergency torch can be found in a drawer in the kitchen.


The main trip switch is found in the LAUNDRY ROOM which is located

outside your property, please see details above.