Cottages Information

Important General Cottages Information


The electric convector heaters are controlled by the numbered dial usually found on the front of the heater. Please DO NOT put anything on these heaters such as clothing.

Hot Water

The switch for the hot water is located in or adjacent to the hot water cylinder cupboard located either in the shower room or bedroom. Our cottages located around the play area also have a hot water switch in the kitchen, which is clearly marked. These switches will be on for your arrival, please DO NOT switch these off. Some of the showers are electric and some are not so please note that the showers may use water from the tank.


 In the event of a power cut, a torch is provided in one of the kitchen drawers. Please call us if you think a fuse has gone and we are able to advise.

Sewerage Treatment Plant

There is no mains sewerage at Knockerdown, therefore everything that goes down the drains, whether from the sink, toilet, or bath goes to our sewerage treatment plant. Please use the disposal bags provided in the bathrooms where appropriate.


Please bag all of your waste on departure and place it in one of the green-wheeled bins located in the car park. Please consider our environment by using the recycling bins adjacent to these.

Location of fire fighting equipment:

A fire extinguisher and a fire blanket can be found in the kitchen of each property.

Location of torch:

The emergency torch can be found in a drawer in the kitchen.


Please contact us if you have problems with the electricity.

Butterton lounge/kitchen/dining