Changing Places

Changing places toilets, also known as accessible or assisted accessible toilets, are specifically designed facilities to meet the needs of people with severe disabilities and their caregivers. Changing places toilets are intended to be inclusive spaces that cater to the specific needs of people with disabilities, allowing them to use public facilities with dignity and independence.

Changing Places Toilets

We have a few Changing Places Toilets close to Knockerdown Cottages.  

The closest one is only a few minutes away, 0.7 miles, at Carsington Water.  At Carsington you can enjoy the accessible path around the reservoir, enjoy a meal at the restaurant or take part in the pre bookable water sports.

Ashbourne has one in the centre of town at Ashbourne Library.  Ashbourne is approx. six miles from Knockerdown. This is close to the main carpark and all the shops and cafes.

Cromford Wharf has a changing places toilet and is six miles from us. Here is a good base for the Cromford Canal. It is also our closest train station at Cromford.

The Arc Leisure Centre at Matlock has great accessible swimming as well as a changing places toilet. This is 9.2 miles from Knockerdown.

Matlock Farm Park has a changing places toilet. The Farm Park is a good day out. The Farm Park is 12 miles from Knockerdown.

Here is a list of all Changing Places Toilets on the Derbyshire Council website page. Please note that you may require a RADAR key and bring your own sling, if required.