Peak District Admire

How many times have you visited the Peak District or maybe even live there and thought I know the Peak District like the back of my hand, Well let’s see if you do…..

How much do you know about the Peak District

  • It was the first National Park that was found in 1951
  • Covering 555 square miles it covers 5 counties, Derbyshire, Staffordshire, Cheshire, Yorkshire & Greater Manchester
  • It shows that it is an amazing place to visit by the numbers, 13.25 million people visit each year
  • There are no actual mountains, Kinder Scout is the highest point 636 meters
  • An amazing 38,000 people live in the Peak District National Park
  • Being famous for its caves & caverns the deepest being 400 meters below ground & the tallest “Titan Shaft” at Castleton at an amazing 141.5 meters making it taller than the London Eye
  • Average Rainfall 1025mm a year & Sunshine 3.9 hours a day
  • 55 Reservoirs supplying 450 millimetres of water each day
  • 1,600 miles of public rights of way including 64 miles of Disabled accessible paths
  • The National Park symbol “The Milestone” represents all the quarries that have been operating since prehistoric times
  • A Distinctive custom – Well Dressing, originally was a pagan ceremony to honour water gods

How much did your really know so far....

  • The name Peak District derives from an Old English word “Peac” meaning Hill
  • Many films used the Peak District for scenes like Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows, Jayne Eyre, The Duchess & Pride & Prejudice
  • An outstanding 2,900 building are listed, like Chatsworth, Bakewell Medieval Bridge, Peveril Castle, Haddon Hall, Cottages & Centuries old farm buildings
  • Around 1,800 farms make up 90% of the National Park
  • With Quarries being a major part of the Peak District there are 70 disused & active ones around
  • The main industries are Manufacturing, Quarrying, Tourism & Farming


What makes the Peak District so popular is the many activities that you can do like:- 






Nature Watching


Visiting Historic Houses


Visiting Cafes & Tearooms

So, if you have never been to the Peak District look at what you are missing….

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