Covid-19 FAQ's

In light of the new legislation that restricts gatherings to groups of 6 we have put together some of the more frequently asked questions in the hope it will provide you with some answers relating to your stay with Knockerdown Cottages

FAQ's Regarding Covid 19

Existing Bookings

My party is more than six guests will my stay be affected by the new government regulations?
If your group is larger than six and more than one household, it will impact your booking and our team are working through all affected bookings in date order, the lead guest will be contacted via email in due course with options. If your party comprises of six guests or fewer then your booking at this time is unaffected. 

My group no longer meets the government legislation and we have a booking within the next six months, can I get a refund?
If your booking does not meet the new regulations set out on 14th September and falls between the 23rd September – 23rd March 2021 then we will be contacting you to discuss your options, these may include, reducing your group size to comply with legislation, moving your booking to a new date in 2021 or cancelling your holiday and receiving a refund.

I have a booking in December how long will it take you to get in touch with me?
We are working in date order from 23rd September onwards, we must prioritise bookings that are due to arrive in the coming days and weeks. Our team are working seven days a week to try to support all guests as quickly as possible but there is an enormous amount of bookings affected and each one must be dealt with individually. Please bear with us and thank you for your patience and understanding.

I have received a ‘balance due’ email reminder from you but we cannot complete our booking as our group is larger than 6 people, why have you sent me this?

Unfortunately, our payment reminder emails are automated from our booking system, and so you may receive emails requesting payment over the coming weeks. If you know that your booking cannot go ahead, please do not worry about these emails. We will be contacting everyone in due course to discuss your options.

We are a group of six and are due to stay with you, what happens if part of our group is forced into a local lockdown or there is a national lockdown that will affect our plans to travel?
Should a local or national lockdown affect your plans to travel we will of course support you to either move or cancel your booking as we did so during the previous lockdown earlier this year. Please be patient with us, any national lockdown or indeed significant changes to legislation creates another wave of administration across hundreds of bookings and when this happens, we must work in date order prioritising our imminent guests. 

What extra precautions are you taking for my stay?

Please visit the Holiday Safely page on our website for the most up to date information on how we are preparing our holiday cottages and the changes we have put in place for guest and employee safety.

New Bookings

Can I book a holiday with you?
Yes you can! We are operating within current government legislation and guidelines and so if you wish to holiday in 2020 with us you may do so provided your group meets the current legislation. We have some fantastic properties available with some huge discounts for small groups so why not plan to stay somewhere extra special?
We are also taking bookings for 2021.

We are a group of 10 friends who want to get together for Christmas 2020 will you be able to accommodate us?
Sadly, at this time we are not able to take bookings that fall outside of the current government legislation as this would be breaking the law. The prime minister has advised that these measures are likely to be in place for at least six months and so we are working on the basis that we cannot take group bookings greater than 6 people for the next 6 month period. Please do not ask us to make exceptions for your group and please do not misinform us with your group size when making a booking. Any group bookings that are found to exceed the legal limits will be cancelled, or if in attendance, will be required to vacate the accommodation immediately at a cost to you.

How can I be sure the home I am due to stay at will be clean?

Each home continues to undergo a thorough clean as part of the changeover between bookings. Considering current events, all owners now make extra provisions, have conducted risk assessments and are following the most up to date guidance from the Department for Health & Social Care. 

What to do if I develop COVID-19 symptoms whilst I am on holiday?
If you or a member of your party develop Coronavirus symptoms at any point during your stay you must contact us immediately. Please be aware that if you or a member of your party develops symptoms whilst on holiday, you and your party must go home immediately to self-isolate and inform us straight away so that we can take the necessary actions for cleaning the property.
We are complying with HMG legislation updated as of 14th September 2020. Only one household (including single adult social bubble) or no more than a group of 6 can gather together.  We ask that you socially distance from other guests and be rigorous in following social distancing rules, washing your hands, wearing a face covering when in public spaces and keeping 2m from others.